Farrand Hall's 165th Birthday Dinner, June 15, 2019 4pm-9pm featuring Chef Jody Brunori


Farrand Hall's 165th Birthday Dinner, June 15, 2019 4pm-9pm featuring Chef Jody Brunori


We welcome Chef Jody Brunori, executive chef for The Relief & Resource Co., El Topo, CRUST and The Laundry to our inaugural dinner celebrating the 165th birthday of Farrand Hall.

We are also very happy to announce that our friends Nic and Joanna Merrill from Kalamazoo Stillhouse will be providing cocktails!

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Jody was born and spent her childhood in St. Catherines Ontario, where everything revolved around the kitchen table. Her mother and both grandmothers were wonderful cooks, so food is part of Chef’s memories as far back as she can recall. When Jody was 10, her family moved from Canada to a small town called Rocky River in Ohio. A family friend owned a restaurant and at age 13, Jody started her first restaurant job as a dishwasher.

When The Laundry’s ownership team purchased the old FARR building on Mill Street, Chef Jody was a significant creative force behind what would become The Relief & Resource Co. and El Topo. Both restaurants opened their doors in August of this year with Chef Jody Brunori leading menu development.

Now Executive Chef for the company’s four restaurants, Chef Jody moves around town quite a bit these days, but you'll still find her in the trenches: training staff, prepping in the kitchens with her team, and dreaming up three new menus a year for The Laundry.

Chef Jody’s menu for Farrand Hall will be released closer to the event date to unsure surprise and seasonality.

This dinner will be served at one long table family style.

Tour the house between 4pm-5pm.

Cocktail hour with Kalamazoo Stillhouse from 5pm- 6pm.

Dinner seating around 6pm with multiple courses.

Wrapping up around 9pm.

There will be a large bonfire to hang out around and live music. 

There are no rooms available during this weekend at Farrand Hall. However, if you'd like to stay in Michigan overnight we can help you find places to stay nearby.