The Rooms

The have named the four bedrooms in the house after Farrand family members who have contributed to both the success of the family and the preservation of the house. We believe that it is an essential



Named in honor of the man who build the house, Henry Kitchell Farrand. Born in



Born in 1913, Blanch Price Burgess is the the great granddaughter of Henry K. Farrand. Blanche purchased the property in 19652, and restored the house to its original beauty after years of neglect from previous owners. She lived in the house for 12 years until till her death in 1965. Blanche and her husband, Walter, were said to have hosted various celebrities including Gypsy Rose Lee.





Maria Farrand, Henry’s aunt, served as housekeeper and adviser to Henry during the early days before the house we know today was constructed. And in fact, Farrand Hall is said to be modeled after the Philadelphia house in which Maria was born. In the 1877 book, History of St. Joseph county, Michigan, with illustrations descriptive of its scenery, palatial residences, public buildings, it was written that Henry “feels that to her, in large measure, is due his early success in life, on which is based the prosperity of his later years.” It was also noted that after Henry’s first wide passed away that Maria moved back into the house to help manage the house and children until her death.